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Protein X review

protein x review

what is the price of protein x

 1 kg price approx 1000 rupee in 1 kg pack you get only 320 gram of protein and 310 gram of sugar and 164  gram of carbs.

Protein X
Protein X 


The 30-gram scope of protein x
energy 150 Carb 16.4gram Protein 9.6 sugar 9.3-gram fat 0.15


  • Vitamin A -1600 IU 
  •  Vitamin D -100 IU
  •  VE vitamin E- 5.1 IU 
  •  Vitamin K 0.1mg 
  •  VC vitamin C- 25 mg 
  •  Vitamin B1 -1.0mg
  •  Niacinamide -15mg 
  •  Pantothenic acid 1.0 
  •  Vitamin B6 0.5mg 
  •  Folic acid -50mcg
  •  B12  vitamin -0.5mg


  • Ferrous gluconate 17mg 
  •  Tribasic 400 mg
  •  Choline bitartrate 150 mg


problem is here in protein x

If we take 30 gram of serving
In this serving Carry 9.6gram protein that's good but we cannot compete with this protein X powder with another isolate whey protein.

The main problem is that

Is in 30 gram of scope carry 16.4gram of sugar that's a problem in this powder


Can we use in daily life every doctor recommended protein X 

Yes, you can use in daily life  30 gram of scope of that with a milk approx 20-gram protein you get.

Can we use this when we do weight loss  

No  according to me if you follow any fat loss program then you did not need this you can use his one of best substitute better that

Fitness or gym person can we use protein X 

gym person can we use protein x
gym person can we use

Yes thumbs up you can use but only post workout
With milk
1cup milk + 1 spoon 30gram protein X powder
If you are on gaining program that time you should use this.

1 cup milk carry

➡️12gram protein +10 gram sugar + 7.4 gram carb

1 scope 30-gram scope carry

➡️30gram scope carry approx 9.6 gram protein + 9 .3gram sugar + 16.4gram carb
In total, you will get approx

  21. 6-gram protein + 20gram sugar + 24 gram carb u get total

The best substitute 

Egg white boil portion carry 4-gram protein if you take 3 egg white it will be 12gramprotein better than that

best substitute of protein x
best substitute  


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