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what is vitamin c |vitamin c foods benefit of vitamin c

vitamin c

what is vitamin c or ascorbic acid

vitamin c also called ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin which is naturally present in some foods, is added to others, and diet is available as a supplement. so it is a necessary diet component. It helps to increase the percentage of white blood cell and indirectly help to glow your skin .vit c is a water-soluble vitamin because it cannot store in your body you need to eat every day for complete his dosage of a day.

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how we know you have vitamin c deficiency

red rashes in your body
some small wound in the skin
dry hairs

vitamin c benefits | importance of c vitamin

there are so many benefits of vitamins c some of them describe below

  1. Collagen is an essential component of connective tissue, which plays an important role in wound healing. 
  2. vit c is an important physiological antioxidant. it helps in the detoxification process 
  3. vit c helps to recover your inner and outer wound good for hairs and skin help to convert protein into an amino

daily requirement

The daily requirement of c vitamin  for a human being a minimum requirement of vitamin c is 100 mg to 200 mg c vitamin-rich food easily available in any city or country

vitamin c foods

top 10 c vitamin-rich food with his percentage

  1. guava (carry 80-85 mg )
  2. orange (80-85 mg)
  3. awala (100 to 600 mg) 
  4. pepper (60 - 95 mg)
  5. kiwi (64 mg)
  6. cabbiage (42 mg)
  7. brocli (50 mg)
  8. straw berry (42 mg)
  9. orange (82 mg )
  10. lemon (50 mg)

vit c food with pictures

 benefits of vitamins c
guava (carry 80-85 mg )

 c vitamin-rich food

amla (600 to 1800 mg)
vitamin c foods
 pepper (60 - 95 mg)

importance of vitamin c
orange (80-85 mg)
deficiency of vitamin c
kiwi (64 mg)

                     cabbage (42 mg)

what is vitamin c
broccoli (50 mg)

what is ascorbic acid
4.6 mg to 6.3 mg  in apple, 50 mg of vitamin C in mosambi

control diabetes

vitamin c dosage,
lemon 52mg

How much vitamin c should I take daily
strawberry (42 mg)

some questions about c vitamin 

How much vitamin C our body can absorb at a time? 

Minimum 100 mg to 300 mg the vitamin C the body can absorb into its tissues at a time. If you take in 200 to 250 mg of vitamin C, it will end up in your bloodstream.

 If you take more than 500 mg at one time, a large portion of it will probably end up in your urine.  In terms of keeping your blood levels consistently high,

if you want to take 1000 mg of c vitamin you easily divided into 4 or 5 meals in this way your c vitamin will not get waste you divided like 200 mg per meal a day.

Should we take vitamin c daily?

yes, you need to take vit c daily because there are so many benefits of c vitamins in the upper portion I describe his importance and benefit of vit c read it. minimum 150 mg c vit we need daily.

What is the minimum daily requirement of vit C 

minimum requirement of vit c is  75 to 120 if you take larger then this with natural food don't worry you are safe but  not

How long does Vitamin stay in the body?

C vitamin can stay in the human body for one week. Renal reabsorption is the process in this vit C is control by the kidney through this process. It helps prevent c vitamins from being lost urine. Extra counts of vitamin C come out through urine within a hours

 vitamin c tablet 

Limcee Tablet did not need to buy

Limcee  is a vit c tablet you can easily buy from any chemist shop it cost only 15 to 20 rs one packet 

Side effects  of Limcee tablet

  1. Major and minor side effects for Limcee tablet
  2. lower back pain
  3. Vomiting
  4. Increased urine frequency 
  5. Skin flushing
  6.  abdominal cramps
  7. Dizziness and tilt
  8. Oxalate crystals in the kidneys

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